Cabinet name

Iridophores are reflective and iridescent pigment cells. They reflect light using plates of crystalline chemo-chromes made from guanine. When illuminated, they generate iridescence because of the diffraction of light within the stacked plates. As a result, they create an optical effect known as Tyndall scattering, producing bright-blue or -green colours. Iridophores also coordinate with other pigment cells such as erythrophores and cyanophores to generate colours in ectothermic animals. ‘Irid-‘ is borrowed from the Latin word ‘iris’, which refers to iridescence. Moreover, it’s also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods. While the ‘-phore’ ending indicates that it is a carrier to reflect the colours for the animals. Similarly, we, Iridophore, aim to become the messenger between the Division of Life Science and our members so that we could provide opportunities for our members to radiate their own lights in different aspects of their university life. Thus, we are confident that Iridophore is the most suitable name for our cabinet since it indicates our mission clearly. Our logo mainly consists of a chameleon as well as a strand of DNA. Chameleon, as our spirit animal, represents clairvoyance and sensitivity. We are encouraged to discover the ordeals and potential problems that exist among our members. Moreover, its ability to change its color during desperate situations indicates our adaptability to overcome obstacles and unknowns together. The DNA strand held by the chameleon which denotes the support of the life activities of the chameleon symbolizes the environment and resources provided by the Division of Life Science that supports our life on the campus. Such design presents that our nominated cabinet is willing to serve our members in a meticulous manner, which could convey our goal.

Executive Committees

Tam Wai Wah


The President

Lo Lok Yiu


The Internal Vice-President

Tang Sek Tim


The External Vice-President

Ip Hoi Tung


The General Secretary

Chan Tsz Yiu


The Financial Secretary

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